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Asking JotSpot for a date

It is my belief that a client is most likely to ask JotSpot for a date as they will prefer JotSpot’s looks to TikiWiki’s. For a busy client the visual evaluation takes much less time than the evaluation of the functionality. Only trouble is JotSpot costs more to date than TikiWiki.

Asking TikiWiki for a date

It is my belief that our busy clients are less likely to ask TikiWiki for a date, because they won’t have the time necessary to get to know TikiWiki, which is needed to get over the lack of good looks.

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It's easier to fix the looks than the functionality, so I think we're in a good position here. But we have to make it easier for people to know they can change the looks, I suppose. And/or provide a better default look, initially.

Looking over the JotSpot site (http://www.jot.com/wiki/wiki.php), maybe it just has a different approach, too, so for any particular user or site, the tool might depend on the way the people want things to work. I think we should learn new ways where it makes sense, and make the most of what we can do with our own tools.

-- Gary

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