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Re: Tikipedia - having a right panel

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The file templates/styles/tikipedia/tiki.tpl needs to modified. To make the Tikipedia theme, a standard tiki.tpl file was changed to delete the right-hand column and display the right-column modules under the left-column modules. To create the right column again, basically the changes need to be undone.

If you want to look at that file and a default templates/tiki.tpl file and modify the Tikipedia file to have three columns, you can have a go at it. These files are Smarty templates and so there is a mix of html tags for layout and Smarty syntax for logic, etc.

If you don't feel like undertaking that adventure, I will try to do such a version (I was going to try to describe the changes but it would probably be easier to just do them wink), but I don't have much time right now so don't know how soon I can do it. Also, I'm planning to update the theme to a no-tables version and also incorporate Tiki 1.10 features, before too long, so I hadn't planned on messing with it until then. Probably that version will have the various column display options. I think the 1.10 release is a couple of months away.

-- Gary

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