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Re: Re: Kubrick Theme phpLayers

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Hi Gary

Could you point me in the right direction for the color chooser plugin - I dont seem to be able to find it unless I misunerstand what it does - it enables you to visually choose & update css colour?


We Garys aren't really interchangeable, but I'll respond since I'm here already. wink The color chooser isn't a Tiki plugin, but a Firefox add-on. You can get it by clicking "Add-ons" under the "Tools" item in Firefox's menu.

After downloading it and installing it (an easy process within Firefox), you get an eyedropper icon in the bottom left corner of the browser screen. When you click it, the mouse pointer turns into a crosshair and information is reported in the browser status bar including the RBG and hex codes of the color under the pointer, its page coordinates, and the div or other object being hovered over.

As far as I know, it doesn't enable any editing, but is more of an analysis tool.

-- Gary/chibaguy

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