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Re: Printable versions with CSS, not Multiprint

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Sorry, but I get a "not authorized" message on that page.

A @media print {...} section in the CSS can do everything you need to print pages well, including:

  • Hiding nav elements
  • Using nicer colors
  • Handling links better - either hiding their special formatting, or including the URL.
  • "This page printed from... as viewed by... etc."

This should be included in all themes by default. In fact, I wouldn't mind a nice bottom icon saying "Printable CSS page" or something, alongside the "powered by tikiwiki", because most users will be pleasantly surprised by this function.

(same login on en.wikipedia, use my talk page there to get in touch with me)

We're on the same (printable) page, on this issue wink. Have you printed a wiki page by using its print icon? The tiki-print.php?page= URL (used when the print icon is clicked), displays the main section of the page only and places a new div around the content (#tiki-clean) that can be used to redefine contained text and background color, nav item visibility or whatever, so actually all of the print properties can be included in a theme's main CSS file. This works fine in Tikineat for example, which I just checked; I'm not sure if all bundled themes have print info.

I'm also keen on having nice printed pages for the themes I make. Starting with my Zuka theme, I'm planning to either have the print styles in the main CSS file or have a print.css file. Try printing a wiki page in the Zuka theme for an example. (Now that I look at the results again, the font size seems a little large, but that can be modified easily enough.)

-- Gary

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