Bundled and Legacy Themes

Bundled and Legacy Themes

No screenshots in bundled themes page

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I can see no screenshots on:

They are in the legacy page and in the new themes pages, but not in the bundled themes page.

This is annoying because I would like to select one of the bundled themes.

Is there another place where I can see these screenshots ?

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OK, I see the screenshots are there now.


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OK, I see the screenshots are there now.


Sure. There was a reason why I didn't do it earlier, but can't remember now what it was wink. It is nice to see all the theme thumbnails on one page. As I was doing the images, I was reminded how some of the themes have aged more gracefully than others. I think I'll add some details on each theme when I get around to it, particularly about problems some of them have with more recent Tiki versions, if they haven't been updated. If you run into problems with any, post about it if you'd like advice, etc.

-- Gary

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