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Re: Re: Using Kubrick without php layers?

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Thanks for the fast reply Gary biggrin

will try what you suggest. But while I'm doing that could I ask another question redface It seems that none of the layout graphics (i.e. the header_tile, bg_left, bg_right etc) are showing. Are these all because php layers aren't available? Or is it because I've done something wrong? I tried to install it again, but it's still the same way.

Thanks again

The background graphics should display whether a phplayers menu is used or not. Try displaying one of the graphic files directly with a URL like "http://yourdomain.com/styles/kubrick/bg_left.jpg". This will test whether the file is in the right directory. If it doesn't show up, then it could be that the files were uploaded to the wrong place.

But I would say take care of the phplayers menu problem first, because that is probably blocking the display of the rest of the page.

-- Gary

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