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CSS bug in Tikipedia

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There's a big no-no in tikipedia.css that could cause problems, and actually cost me the entire morning.

The following line
//* Menus */

should be
/* Menus */

What happens is it comments out the next command. I verified this on both MSIE and Firefox.


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Thanks for noticing that. Sorry about your lost morning. wink The affected selector is "div.separator", which doesn't have any properties in the Tikipedia theme, so I didn't notice the problem, and people won't have a problem unless they want to assign a property to div.separator and wonder why it isn't being effective. If anyone has had a problem with styling div.separator, or with another selector that they moved to just under "//* Menues */" this would be the reason.

I'll delete the extra slash in the Tikipedia files.

-- Gary

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