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Re: Any way to get Site identity used here?

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I realize it could look weird for certain themes.

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It looks like changes made for the Site Identity demo are having a bad effect on new themes — basically, everything above tiki-mid is removed for Tikipedia, Planetfall, Kubrick and Snow. I did some checking but haven't figured out the reason why yet. But I'll keep working on it. I activated Site Identity at another site and didn't have this problem.

In the meantime, people might need to switch to other themes to get all the menus, log-in box, etc.

UPDATE: At a Tiki 1.9.3 site, I added a {if $style neq 'snow.css' ....} statement to the condition for showing the Site Identity header, which worked there to allow those styles to keep their normal pagetops. But the same fix didn't work here.

I also tried putting an empty tiki-site_header.tpl file in templates/styles/snow/, but the normal Snow top_bar still didn't come back. I don't know what else activating Site Identity does so am not sure what to try fixing.

-- Gary

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