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Re: Re: PlanetFall & error with the php layer

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great lookin theme!
but im wondering how i can enable the left column? which file to start lookin for to change?
or has anyone already done that?

This is from the Planetfall_customizing page:

Tiki normally uses both left and right columns, for modules. The planetfall theme mainly uses a single side column, on the right. In the original theme, there is a second side column, but it displays not on the left of the page, but at the right side of the center column. Because the theme has rather wide margins that already are limiting the width of the content area, it may be a good idea to put important modules in the right column and put less-important modules in the left column and then turn off the left column in most sections, especially sections that need a lot of content area such as image galleries. It would even be good to empty the left column of modules and turn it off entirely, if possible.

At this site, the left column is disabled by CSS ("display:none") for wiki pages when using the Planetfall theme.

So you should see the left column already when Planetfall is installed (though it's between the center column and the right column, as in the original Mambo/Joomla version). The left column isn't disabled in tiki.tpl, where the column code is. Did you double-check your Admin > Features page re General Layout options?

-- Gary

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