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No, there's just one version...
I don't exactly understand what has happened with your site. Could you give a link or show a screenshot or something?

-- Gary

Hi Gary
me neither i didnt find why this happening or where the sexy silver menu goes cry

Well, the menu goes in div id="horiz_menu", but this is already indicated in tiki.tpl so the silver background image should appear if the line hasn't been edited out of tiki.tpl, and if the background image was uploaded along with the rest of the Planetfall images, and if a PHP Layers menu is specified properly.

beside that the site is really looks small if i compare it with the demo site

How do you mean "small"? Your screenshots show it to be the same width as this site.

yes i did as the site said make two header file one is header_bg.jpg and header_logo.png (is this right ? your saying here its a "header_logo.jpg")

header_logo.png is what is specified in the stylesheet. Sorry for the mix-up.

Your logo image is cut off at the right because it is overlapped by the search box unless some wide content causes the page to stretch wider. The default images are basically blank/black at that end for that reason. (In retrospect, I should have specified the logo image to be narrower and aligned to the left.) Please measure the space (in pixels) that you have available for logo information and make your logo image that width, or keep the original width but compose the image so your important information isn't covered by the searchbox at the normal page width.

for the header_logo.png i tried to put a empty transprante pic with the same size of header_bg but IE recognize it as white pic so i put the same header_bg in png format that mean i i have the same header in two format header_bg.jpg & header_logo.png ... arrow

IE doesn't recognize transparency in .png images, only in .gif images.

I put two images in the header so one could be a background and one a foreground, but that isn't strictly necessary. If you have just one image and it works OK visually (that is, it blends to match the solid background color), then only one is needed. Try not using the second one, if you like.

-- Gary

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