History: Theme quality and classification checklist

Source of version: 7 (current)


Information Version
Wed 13 of Jul, 2022 11:51 GMT chibaguy Added point about clear headings hierarchy. 7
Tue 12 of Jul, 2022 17:20 GMT chibaguy Added a link. 6
Tue 28 of Jun, 2022 03:13 GMT chibaguy Fixed my syntax typo. 5
Tue 28 of Jun, 2022 03:12 GMT chibaguy Added Memphis design to the tags list. 4
Mon 20 of Jun, 2022 05:41 GMT chibaguy Added space around code tags. 3
Mon 20 of Jun, 2022 05:39 GMT chibaguy Turned off unneeded autotoc. 2
Mon 20 of Jun, 2022 05:38 GMT chibaguy Page created and content copied from local site. 1

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