History: Snow

Preview of version: 4

This theme was inspired by the Mtechnik_Xmas PostNuke theme, but all the graphics are original (if you look closely but not too critically, the snowflake "arms" are — somewhat overlapping — a t-i-k-i from perimeter to center), and virtually all design details are new. Credit should go to Mtechnik for the original inspiration, but this theme is sufficiently different that there is no concern about infringement, and it can be released under an LGPL license.

Flash topbar

The Snow theme will probably include a jpeg topbar image (and maybe Photoshop source), and Flash (.fla) source for the snowfall effect. The Flash header isn't being used at this site, but can be seen at Zukakakina/Snow.

The Flash file is from Flashkit.com where the description says to "use freely". I resized the .fla document, removed the button, and replaced the background image. Along with a generic .swf file, the .fla file will be included with the theme so a personalized Flash movie can be made.


This theme has CSS specified for a PhpLayers menu. The line of code to activate the menu is at around line 11 of the tiki.tpl file, but is commented out. To use the menu, delete the {* and *} tags from the beginning and end of that line and change xx to whatever menu id number you want to use.

Microsoft Internet Explorer :twisted: is having trouble with the menu as it's letting the underlying theme-change module show through. If it's a problem, modules should be arranged in the columns so that the menu doesn't overlap ones with dropdown lists, text input fields, etc.

  • Fix small problems like unwanted borders around some images.
  • Improve text styles in places like Gallery page tops.
  • Complete styling of Directory and other sections.
  • Check style of site pages that haven't been tested yet.
  • Round up source files for images and Flash.
  • Make generic header graphics.


This theme is usable but not really finished.

Sample page elements

h1 headline

h2 headline

h3 headline

h4 headline

A table Row 1 Cell 2
Row 2 Cell 1 Row 2 Cell 2

A box

A link


  // Hello World in PHP
  echo 'Hello  World!';


Information Version
Fri 05 of Sep, 2014 09:50 GMT chibaguy Text trimmed and sample pages added. 14
Thu 02 of Sep, 2010 02:07 GMT chibaguy relative urls. 13
Sun 15 of Aug, 2010 13:04 GMT chibaguy Tiki 4 download link added. 12
Thu 24 of Sep, 2009 16:16 GMT chibaguy Some Tiki 3 info added. 11
Fri 02 of Jan, 2009 16:04 GMT chibaguy Info updated. 10
Wed 23 of Aug, 2006 11:57 GMT chibaguy Note/link added about PHP Layers behavior. 9
Tue 04 of Apr, 2006 06:58 GMT admin Minor text edits. 8
Wed 29 of Mar, 2006 08:11 GMT chibaguy More info added. 7
Wed 29 of Mar, 2006 08:01 GMT chibaguy Corrected file name. 6
Wed 29 of Mar, 2006 07:58 GMT chibaguy Info updated. 5
Wed 25 of Jan, 2006 03:11 GMT chibaguy Edits. 4
Wed 25 of Jan, 2006 03:08 GMT chibaguy Content added. 3
Tue 17 of Jan, 2006 07:37 GMT chibaguy Code sample line width shortened for now. 2
Tue 17 of Jan, 2006 07:35 GMT chibaguy Page created. 1

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