History: How To Add a New Theme


Information Version
Mon 24 of Jan, 2022 11:53 GMT chibaguy Small corrections. 13 - 16
Mon 11 of Feb, 2019 12:43 GMT Kishiko Add the js folder in the default theme layout and the explanation of its purpose 12
Thu 28 of Jan, 2016 10:28 GMT chibaguy Gave the folder images the responsive=n parameter so they will be inline. Minor text clarifications. The page seems to have some duplicate information compared to at least one other page. 11
Thu 28 of Jan, 2016 00:18 GMT Jyhem 10
Sun 25 of Jan, 2015 13:23 GMT gezza update to recent changes in the theme concept 9
Sat 13 of Sep, 2014 13:01 GMT chibaguy Corrected info about LESS files and minor editing. 8
Fri 12 of Sep, 2014 20:55 GMT Torsten Apllying your new theme 3 - 7
Fri 12 of Sep, 2014 19:40 GMT Torsten closing tag of remarksbox was missing 1 - 2

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