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themes.tikiwiki.org is a resource for users of the open-source Tiki CMS who want to download and install a new theme for their Tiki web site, or want to create their own theme, or find a professional designer to produce a custom theme or other Tiki component to order. Theme designers can distribute their creations here, and give advice to others who need help.

Tiki is a very flexible content management system, but has many features and configuration details, so it presents both challenges and opportunities.

Licenses of themes

The themes available here are made available under specific licenses. Most are GPL or LPGL and may be freely used as described by those licenses. But some themes may have a different license or may be offered with conditions set by the author and copyright holder. Users of themes should read and understand the license and conditions under which a theme may be used. Please respect any conditions or limitations of use set by the author.


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