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I've been using Tiki for several years, mostly for my family site and for the Phoenix Developer Consortium. I always enjoyed playing with the look of the site, as I liked designing static web pages and simple php pages before getting into Tiki.

Last fall I started zukakakina.com explicitly for experimenting with Tiki themes. I'm better at starting theme projects than finishing them, being kind of a perfectionist, but things moved along well enough that Marc Laporte asked me to get involved with a themes.tikiwiki.org site, and here we are.

This site was begun in the middle of January 2006, mainly populated with things from my Zukakakina site. But I am confident once we are up to speed, there will be contributions from many Tiki users.

I'm from Oregon, USA, originally but moved to Hawaii mid-way through college. I met my wife there and, western momentum continuing, we moved to Japan where we have lived for quite a few years now. We have two kids, a dog and a quail and three dogs.

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