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  • When printing, there should be a bunch of available options (WikiPublisher.org is a great example)
  • Most common options are shown by default, and the others in an advanced tab
  • Since users tend to each have preferred default settings, system should remember last recent print. Ex. with cookies
  • Default options are Tiki prefs. overridable by perspective

List of options

Tiki options

  • With / without logo / header
  • With / without footer
    • Option to show / hide: The original document is available at ... (which by the way doesn't site language)
  • Cover page
  • Table of Content -> Ideas to improve at maketoc
    • JavaScript
    • Via wkhtmltopdf
    • None
  • Embellish text via typography lib.
  • Links
    • Hide
    • Show underline and external link icon
    • Put link as footnote
    • Put link just after label
  • PluginMouseOver
    • Hide
    • Show as sidenote
    • Show as footer
  • PluginTabs
    • Print current
    • Print all
  • + / - for headers and bullet list, or PluginFade
    • Print current
    • Open all
  • PluginVersions
    • Print current
    • Print all

Feature option

  • Wiki page may have different options than printing a tracker item

See mPDF manual for a large number of examples

  • PDF outlines
    • Table of content -> Ideas to improve at: maketoc
  • Header / Footer (Page numbers, title, date / time of print)
  • Watermark
  • Page sizes (A4, letter, etc) and options
  • Print as user X or group Y, which can use to personalize or redact text. Can we use PluginGroup or should be go for creating a PluginRedact?
  • etc.

Other ideas

  • It would be nice to use a wiki page to make the template to layout the header / footer / etc.
  • Maybe there should be a way to override some mPDF params via a wiki plugin? ex: force a page break. This page in landscape mode. force another page break. This page in portrait mode. Ex.: {print break=page} {print layout=portrait}


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