Bundled and Legacy Themes

Bundled and Legacy Themes

Problem with theme strasa and blogs in Tiki 6.x

posts: 2 Germany

Since I updated from Tiki 5 to Tiki 6.1 there are problems with displaying blog sections.
- Also tested it with Tiki 6.0

Inside the listing of blog posts the title isn't displayed
and when displaying one blog post the content isn't displayed.

When I switch to FiveAlive the missing parts are displayed.

Here are two screenshots:

Blog listing:

Blog post:

(Tested with Safari, Firefox and OmniWeb)

Don't know if it's a bug or a configuration issue.

(I Already replaced the syle files with the files inside tiki-6.1.zip and tiki-6.0.zip).

Thanks for your help.

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Did you update your site from an older Tiki version? Formerly, Strasa had its own tiki-view_blog.tpl and tiki-view_blog_post.tpl files, but in Tiki 6 it doesn't need them. If the site is upgraded from an older version, can you check to make sure you don't have these files in your templates/styles/strasa/ directory? They will cause display problems if they are there.

-- Gary

posts: 2 Germany

Hi Gary,

yes I did upgrade since Tiki 4.1 with which I started.

I restarted with a clean Tiki installation and transfered the content from my crappy installation. - Everything is fine now.

Thanks for your help!


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