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coalesce column width and font size...

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I like the (new?) coalesce theme, but the center column is too small. How do I:
1. Reduce the side column widths?
2. Reduce the side column and menu font sizes?


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If the center column is too narrow for your site content, please see Changing_TheNews_Column_Widths. Although this page specifies TheNews theme, the same method applies to all the currently included themes. The main thing to watch is that the left column and the left margin indicated have the same width figure, and likewise on the right side.

I suggest using Firefox and the Firebug add-on to identify which css rule is being applied to any particular part of the page. There doesn't appear to be a specific font size for the side columns in general; div#main, which contains everything, is the first CSS parent I see, going upward in the CSS hierarchy from the side column text, that has a font size set.

As for menu font sizes, that depends on which menu you are referring to. Font sizes in the suckerfish (css) menus, php layers menus, and standard Tiki vertical menus are set separately in the theme stylesheet.

-- Gary

posts: 6

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