Bundled and Legacy Themes

Bundled and Legacy Themes

How do I change the background color of site header & logo part in LiteJazz theme?

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I need to change the background color (default is black) of the site header & logo on top of the page in LiteJazz theme. I looked through all the css files but could not figure out where to change the settings. Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.
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This is specified in LiteJazz's stylesheet, styles/litejazz.css (line 171), like:

td#header {
background:#170808 url(litejazz/header.jpg) no-repeat 100% 0;

That header.jpg is the 15px-high image at the top of the header area, and the color is currently #170808.

-- Gary

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Thanks! It helps a lot! I really appreciate it!

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I am struggling a little with 2 elements, one is the background image on the h1 and h2 tags, what ever I try, adding to h1. adding to wiki.h1 nothing seems to work, it is as if there is an override somewhere else that I cant find, any ideas?
the other is, what tag can I change to remove the padding or space to the left and top of the wiki page, again I have changed everything I can find to no avail. I want to get the Wiki page to go right up against the edge of the frame.


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One thing to be aware of is that the heading tags in wikitext have been remapped in Tiki 2 because h1 is reserved for the page title, so the ! syntax produces an h2 heading, !! produces h3, and so on. Sorry if this wasn't documented anywhere.

If you look at the page with Firefox and the Firebug add-on, you can see what CSS selectors are being used and what their properties are.

-- Gary

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