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Alternate Shading on Tracker Display

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Could someone give me an angle for manipulating a theme to allow for alternate shading in tracker display?

For example, notice that this displays tracker info with alternate shading....

I am working on a Staff Picks project for the library I work at, with a theme and css modified before I started working....notice that the following does not have alternate shading and therefore makes it harder to see the seperation between the entries.....


Is this a css issue? .tpl issue? Any general guidance greatly appreciated.....

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It's set by CSS — something like:

tr.even {background: #ffffff}
tr.odd {background: #efefef}

If you want to get fancy, you can also do this:

tr.odd:hover {background: #fff7e6}

to highlight the row the pointer is hovering over. Not all tables in Tiki have the same construction, having been done by different people at different times. In some cases the row doesn't have a class but the cells do, so you have maybe

tr td.even
tr td.odd

and sometimes there are no CSS classes used at all. It's best to use Firefox and the Firebug add-on to examine the page, to find out what CSS selectors and properties are being used.

-- Gary

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Thanks! With the info you provided, I was able to find it and get most of it working. Also, great tip on the firebug extension, I wasnt aware of it and I can see how useful it is.....

I was able to shade most, but not all...for example with the information you gave me above, I was able to get this to shade.....

which I would have thought then that all tracker displays would then shade....

but for some reason, this one doesnt shade.....

Not only does it not shade when viewed in a wikipage, but it also doesnt shade when viewing it within trackerlist....I cant seem to nail down why it doesnt shade, except for one little piece of the puzzle...

When I use your firebug plugin on firefox and inspect the element of the above, I do not see td even listed anywhere....whereas on the wiki listed above that does shade, I do see both td even and td odd.....probably has something to do with it, but I cant seem to move any further on a solution....

any ideas?

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On the Staff+Pick page, it looks to me like the table rows are all tr.odd, for some reason. This is why giving .odd and .even different colors is having no effect. Why they are all class="odd", I don't know. The code producing the table would have to be looked at, I imagine.

-- Gary

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