Bundled and Legacy Themes

Bundled and Legacy Themes

codex - wiki tabs ontop instead of bottom

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On the codex theme (and others) the wiki tabs such as edit, history, etc. are at the bottom of the page rather than the top....is it easy to move them to the top, and if so, how........

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Normally, the row of links at the bottom of wiki pages is contained in the file templates/tiki-page_bar.tpl. In versions prior to 1.10 this file is included in tiki.tpl, and loaded when a check is made to see if the content is a wiki page. (Themes may have their own version of these files, so check first for a templates/styles/codex/tiki-page_bar.tpl, for example, if you're tracking down how things are done in a specific theme.)

The wiki page-top icons are contained in tiki-show_page.tpl, which displays the wiki page content per se and the associated things such as title, description, icons, structures, page content, author information, etc.

I imagine different themes might use different methods to move the page_bar links to the top. One way would be to delete the include statement from tiki.tpl and paste it into tiki-show_page.tpl above the wiki content (which is represented in that template by the variable "$page" in case you lose your orientation there).

Several templates combine to layout the full Tiki page, and it can be a little difficult to find what's doing what. See the template overview at this site, and also, as xavi said, use a tool to identify the divs or tables, etc., of a completed page. This may help you work backwards to see where the div or whatever is specified in a template, and so where to edit, etc.

-- Gary

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