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Default WordPress theme for 2016

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This Twenty Sixteen theme is an implementation for Tiki of the modernized take on the ever-popular WordPress layout — "the horizontal masthead with an optional right sidebar that works perfectly for blogs and websites," to quote the WordPress site. "It has custom color options with beautiful default color schemes, a harmonious fluid grid using a mobile-first approach, and impeccable polish in every detail...." The responsibility, if Twenty Sixteen for Tiki falls short of that description, lies with the author of this version, but hopefully this port meets expectations, and enables the power of the Tiki platform to underlie the neat appearance of this theme.

Like the WordPress version, this one comes with five color variants. In Tiki style they are provided here as theme options.

New "skin" but no vulnerability

This theme closely implements the styling and layout of a WordPress 4 website but, like all Tiki themes, this theme affects only the visual appearance of the site. Unlike with WordPress themes, no additional functionality (via plugins, etc.) is brought by the theme, and on the other hand it doesn't bring the possibility of any security vulnerabilities.


When the theme archive is expanded, its files will be in a directory (folder) that contains all the theme files in their necessary subdirectories. Install the theme by transferring this directory to the Tiki site's "themes" directory. After refreshing the site's Look and Feel admin page, the theme name will appear in the theme selector, and can be selected.


This theme uses a webfont that is retrieved from Google Fonts. If the Tiki site doesn't have access to the Internet, or if there is some reason it shouldn't make the request for the font, then local storage of the font should be implemented.

Site configuration for this theme

Nothing special needs to be done for this theme to work, but to mimic the WordPress appearance as closely as possible, no modules should be assigned to the left column module zone, but only to the right column. In the top module zone, the logo module is assigned with parameters nobox=y and topclass (Containing class) =col-sm-7; and a menu is assigned via the menu module, with parameters type=horiz, bootstrap=n, nobox=y, topclass=col-sm-5 text-right.

Author Zukathemes (Gary Cunningham-Lee)
Author's website https://zukathemes.com
License GPL
Bootstrap version compatibility
Bootstrap 3 ( Tiki 13 18)
Bootstrap 4 (Tiki 19 24)
Bootstrap 3
If adapted from another theme...
Source theme author The WordPress Team
Source theme website http://wordpress.org
Source theme license GPL


For Bootstrap 3


Theme options

theme screenshot
theme screenshot
theme screenshot
theme screenshot
theme screenshot

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