Contributing, sharing or selling a theme

Theme authors are encouraged to share their work, whether as a free contribution or for payment of some kind. We will be setting up the interface at this site for theme sharing, so please stay tuned.

Independently authored Tiki themes can be distributed with any license the designer wants to use, as they aren't considered derived works based on Tiki (LGPL license) (to be confirmed).

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luci, 14:22 GMT, : @Bsfez: :-D
Bsfez, 09:52 GMT, : This is really a nice Tiki !
chibaguy, 10:32 GMT, : Site admins: Be careful about editing the topbar menu, which is in a small space. I had to fix an option that should be a menuSection, to prevent overflow.
Torsten, 19:44 GMT, : hidden functionality "; recommitted in trunk, tested and working. Documentation under way on [Link]
chibaguy, 16:45 GMT, : The layout template can now be changed using the "Layout" module above. :-)