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New Themes

New Themes

New FiveAlive theme

posts: 254 Japan

The FiveAlive theme was designed by Simon Lussier of CGCOM as part of the Tiki branding project. Please add comments to improve the implementation of the design.

-- Gary

posts: 26 United States

I really like the new FiveAlive theme — very bold and dramatic. It will really help raise Tiki's image.

Some initial comments:


  1. Username text and logout link in header is illegible.
  2. Some links when editing pages (for example, the Manage Structures link on the Properties tab) is illegible
  3. Blog post headings (see http://tikiwiki.org/blog26) needs to be fixed.


  1. More contrast needed for:
    • Search field in Find by Page Name module
    • Backlink and Language drop lists
    • Hover link color for freetags
  2. Footer text (Yellow on Green) hurts my eyes. 😊


  1. The new external link icon is huge and dominates the text. IMHO, it should be more subtle.
  2. CSS menus need a border (or spacing). For example, when selecting Community > Teams > Developer Team, there's no border between the menus.
  3. Without a border around the modules, when a module is closed/minimized, there's no indication to users that there is more content.
  4. The white logo area seems exceedingly large for the 80x80 logo size. Either need a bigger logo or smaller (more narrow) area.

posts: 11 Hungary


Great job, the new themes looks really cool & fresh!

Some suggestions:
- the bottom bar background should be rounded imho, it would look nicer, maybe with a bit of shadow
- the bottom tpl is not changed on dev.two

Login bar:
- the "Password" is too close to the end of the "username" field
- the style of the username and the password input field is different, I think it should be in sync
- i think these 2 fields are too close to the site title

Left/right columns:
- I would put a smooth, delicate line on the side meeting the middle section to separate them a bit more visually

Feature admin area:
- I suggest to have white background and only the borders should have colors here

Mouseover pop-up tooltips:
- they have the same blue style in all fivealive variants (eg: user info popup on username)


posts: 2 United States

Very good-looking theme!

Can it be made available along with the Tiki 5.0-Alpha release? FiveAlive doesn't seem to bet part of the alpha-release yet, and I don't see it available anywhere on the "Theme" site.

Thanks, -Ed

posts: 254 Japan

I fixed some (not all yet) of the text/background problems that were pointed out. About the admin area tab content, visual division between columns, and so on, Simon is still working on the design for the middle of the page and the footer, so there is more to come from him in those areas. Also the site header login form will be changed, so the current text color problem will be fixed.

The white area for the logo can be changed by site admins with a CSS rule that increases or decreases the horizontal offset of the header background image. It's hard to know what the default should be, but this can be changed if there's a better idea of a "typical" site logo size.

The external link icon isn't part of the theme; apparently it's new in Tiki 5 so I guess comments should be made on the dev list.

The popup colors aren't controlled by the theme, but rather by jQuery. It'd be good for the theme and jQuery to be coordinated (would be especially neat for the jqui theme that uses jQuery UI graphics, etc.) but this hasn't been worked out yet.

The theme files are in Tiki's Subversion 5.x branch, and snapshots are available here: http://dev.tikiwiki.org/Daily+Build.

-- Gary

posts: 2 Switzerland

will there be a 'backport' of theme fivealive to TW 3.6 LTSP?
would be cool for http://2010.playaround.cc 😉

i saw the template naming sheme has slightly changed - so login and menu is displayed wrong.


posts: 254 Japan
kiilo wrote:

will there be a 'backport' of theme fivealive to TW 3.6 LTSP?
would be cool for http://2010.playaround.cc 😉

i saw the template naming sheme has slightly changed - so login and menu is displayed wrong.


Yes, probably there will be an LTS version after the theme is done. Work on the theme is still under way. The footer, module boxes, center details are still being designed, and the header will be revised somewhat.

Sorry, I don't know what you mean about the login and menu being displayed wrong. Can you explain a little more?

-- Gary

posts: 2 Switzerland

Sorry, I don't know what you mean about the login and menu being displayed wrong. Can you explain a little more?

-- Gary

of course i tried to copy over to 3.6 LTSP, but discovered the menue and the login are using a different template. Files:
in templates/styles/fivealive/

  • tiki-site_header_top.tpl
  • tiki-site_header_login.tpl

in 3.6 LTSP this tmeplates doesnt exist. I copied just:


posts: 254 Japan

Oh, that's right. The template arrangement changed between these Tiki versions. That complicates 'backporting' the newer themes, but I'll see what can be done.

-- Gary

posts: 3 United States

If you go full-width in Tiki 7, once siteheader.png ends at about 1350px, the tile image is slightly darker so is not quite seamless.

Great theme though. 😊

posts: 3 United States
Maybe not just full-width, rather when you have a logo that sizes it like so (see attached).
posts: 3 United States

Got an error attaching, sorry...

"Cannot write to this file: /home/themetw/tiki_file_uploads/f2e35d7dded1730688339119cd37519f"

...but logo size is 256x69.

posts: 254 Japan

Maybe the directory here for file uploads doesn't have the correct permission. I'll check about that. I'm going to try to attach a small image here to see what happens.

About the Fivealive backgrounds, etc., it was kind of tricky to have a gradient image work OK with a solid background color. If I recall correctly, originally the image with the gradient was wider, but it got reduced maybe to decrease the file size, I'm not sure. If there is a significant problem for certain logo sizes, maybe it should be looked at again. On the other hand, I don't think these more or less general-use themes can be expected to accommodate every logo size, and in some cases it might be more reasonable to resize the logo to fit the constraints of the theme's design. Anyway, we can look at it when the info is here.

-- Gary


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