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Re: Thanks, Gary, as always... + tikipedia used in edu.tw.o! :-)

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This is to thank your work, Gary, and to inform you that we've selected tikipedia's theme as the default one for edu.tw.o!

That's nice to hear, thanks. But I notice a problem when viewed with Opera and Internet Explorer (Firefox works fine, though). There is a rather large white space between the side column modules and the main content area.

UPDATE: This is being caused by a bad interaction with the column show/hide icons, etc. The quick fix is to turn off the column-flipping feature (tiki-admin.php?page=features: General layout options — Left and right column: change "user decides" to "always").

Or, if you want to have the column-hiding feature available for other themes, then Tikipedia's tiki.tpl should be edited to inactivate the column-hiding code (comment out or delete the user-check and column-toggling code — lines 14 - 28 or so in the current templates/styles/tikipedia/tiki.tpl). I'll do this in the Tikipedia theme package.

On another point, although the Tikipedia layout is appropriate for the edu site, as you describe, maybe it'd be good to get further away from the Mediawiki "branding". I retained the Mediawiki flower and background image because this theme was an intentional emulation, but for actual use, especially one tightly linked to Tiki, it'd probably be a good idea to use new graphics that have a similar tone but aren't associated at all with Mediawiki. I'll try to come up with something, if you don't mind.

-- Gary

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