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I have a general question: Are the bundled plugins with the ne Tikipedia applied specifically for each page or global (for all pages)?

They can be used on any wiki page, with any theme.

I get the impression from the "demo Tikipedia page" created by Gary that the inserted information from the "Bundled plugins" are page specific — much like the info coming from a Dynamic Content System (DCS). Looking at the demo and the scripts shown, it seems also that some of the plugins may have some features that are not doable right now with DCS, at least based from my experimentations with the limits of what I can do with DCS.

They are page-specific in the sense that they must be inserted into a wiki page at a particular place in the page.

Wiki plugins, it seems to me, are basically of two types: the first is just to extend wiki syntax, especially for when HTML isn't activated for wiki pages. The Tag, Split, and Div plugins are good examples of this type.

The second type of plugin displays additional content, often from Tiki's database. The Module plugin (displaying Articles, etc.) is an example of this type.

I have specific uses for plugins that could be inserted globally but I am also interested with plugins or modules that would work only as insertion for a specific page, like what could be done with DCS.

The uses of wiki plugins and dynamic content blocks overlap, especially when the wikiplugin is the "display other content" type. But I think one way to keep the two distinct is that plugins are specifically for wiki pages, and dynamic content blocks are primarily for use in templates. Of course when used in templates, the (probably same) content appears every time the template is used. A wiki plugin can display unique content every time it is used, depending on what parameters are input for it and so on.

A related question. Is there a good and systematized repository of the database of plugins anx modules that were shown to work with Tikiwiki. [I am aware that there are many features of Tikiwiki that may be applicable for what I need already, but with scanty documentation in the "Documents section", it is quite difficult to apply them. From my experience, and with no scripting background whatsoever, sometimes I was able to make some of them work, doing trial-and-error. More often however, it is like asking a child to fly a jet plane without any instructions whatsoever.]

There isn't a complete list anywhere. Seems like people make plugins to meet a need at their own site and don't necessarily try to distribute the plugin. The mods.tikiwiki.org site was at one time heading toward that kind of function, but development there stopped. It'd be a good thing to get going again, encouraging people to contribute their plugins, modules, and so on.

N.B. [I found the plugsin list after following the links deeper in Demo by Gary. This does not seem to be a complete list though but more a listing of the official plugins/]


-- Gary

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