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LOG IN Error as Admin / HELP

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I changed the Theme and got the followin problem: when i tried to log in, i receive this message:

Permission denied you cannot view this page

Return to home page

If I go to tiki-login.php it takes me to the log-in (name and password required) module, but I takes me nowhere, I get the same Error message.

What can I do, I am locked out of my wiki!! HELP!!!

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Apparently there was a problem with your TikiWiki installation not related to the theme. Normally, changing the theme doesn't result in you being locked out of the site. (The theme only controls page appearance, not underlying functionality.)

I see from visiting the url on your screenshot that trying to see the site causes a database error. I suggest that you first of all make sure all the TikiWiki files are installed and then use tiki-install.php to update your database (this will add anything that's missing, but won't affect your site content). When at least the TikiWiki installation is intact (that is, some kind of page displays as expected), then the log-in and theme-related problems can be addressed.

-- Gary

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