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Tikipedia 2.0 (Forum ID) not working.

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I am using Tikipedia theme for TikiWiki 2.0, it is great, Thanks!

When I want to discuss a wiki page and click on "Discuss" (up-right of the page), it gives me the below error:


Notice: this variable may not be empty: forumId

Is there something I should be selecting?

I have already created a forum,which is supposed to be the page for discussions, but it doesnt come up.

Thanks for any help,

Oswaldo (oswaldo.condega@gmail.com)

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Hmm, the discuss link works in my tests. What happens when you click the "Discuss" link on a wiki page, when using another theme? I'm thinking maybe this isn't a theme issue necessarily.

Can you use forums normally, other than via the discuss wiki page link?

-- Gary

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Gary - thanks. I have cleaned the cache and it works fine now. Sorry, I think I forgot to refresh after inserting some new items in the menu. Thanks, Oswaldo
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As I am using the Tikipedia Theme, all menus are visible to all, visitors, registered and administrators. Would it be possible to have a menu, or module, using Tikipedia Theme that is visible ONLY to administrators and, as such, does not show when other groups enter the wiki?



posts: 254 Japan

The menu admin doesn't have a way to switch the display of a whole menu according to group, but you can indicate visibility of individual menu items. This way you can use one menu but have extra items for members of admin or other groups. See doc.tw.o/menus, if you haven't already.

Another possibility is to use a module to display the menu. The menu tag is used as the module data. The module would be configured to display to admin only.

-- Gary

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