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Re: Re: FF3 and Kubrick phplayer menu problem

posts: 8 Canada

Thanks Gary,

I haven't changed the CSS. I've tried various settings relating to menu, and can't think of what this might be. Any ideas on what configuration or installation differences I should review?



Hmm, I use FF3 quite a bit when putting the themes together, and don't see any problem with phplayer menus. You can see at http://zukakakina.com that they work fine with the Kubrick theme, as with the other new themes. That site has been running Tiki 2.0 and is currently using Tiki 2.1 (just released).

I guess there is an installation or configuration difference that acoounts for the different behaviors, but don't really know what should be checked.

One thing that I should "advertise" more is that these theme files are being updated fairly regularly as bugs are found or improvements made. I'll put up some info about that. But in this particular theme/feature nothing has needed fixing.

-- Gary

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