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Re: Moving the site search bar to the far-right

posts: 254 Japan

That right margin should be controlled at line 323 or so in andreas09.css — #sitesearchbar, which has a margin-right: 10px property. If in your installation it's more than 10px, then I'm not sure what's causing that, but you could try giving #sitesearchbar a smaller or even negative margin-right to see if that helps.

At zukakakina.com, which is one of my test sites, the search form does have a 10px right margin, so maybe you could compare if there are any differences between the two site's page tops.

The theme files get updated fairly often, so it would also be a good idea to be sure to have the latest files. (The .zips here are generally a little out of date.) The Subversion repository for the Andreas09 files is here.

If the problem continues, maybe you could post the URL for checking.

-- Gary

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