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Re: Menus and kubrick

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I changed few paddings and margins and Firefox 1.51, latest Safari an Opera 8.5 they all working perfect. Only IE and those dropdown menus don't work.smile

That's good. I'll save your CSS file next time I visit your site and compare the changes.

I don't have Safari to check with but stopped in at a computer shop and used one of their Macs to look at this site. The visual quality of the Mac display — how the text is rendered and so on — was very nice. But I was a bit shocked to see the side column and center column of the Kubrick page sharing the space about 50%/50%. Don't know why the sidecolumn spread out so much as both the column and the modules boxes have explicit widths. But it's another thing to work on when I have time. The Planetfall theme worked as expected.

I still intend to try to find out what's happening with your phplayers menu in IE. These puzzles intrigue me. wink.

-- Gary

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