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Re: PlanetFall & error with the php layer

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Nice theme thx garry , i've got prb after installing the theme and turnin the phplayer on nothing display under the header and this messag shows up

"LayersMenu Error: setMenuStructureString: empty string.

Now I cant do any thing to the site ... any help ?

when the PhpLayer was disapled the site was working but the menu take two width insted of one when i got to the admin control panel and get to the feature list i saw the phplayer option and i turned on then the problem cameout ... this is all the story biggrin

And not a happy story, but I hope it will end well wink. Shaun is on the right track. Planetfall expects a menu id=43 to be made already. Please open your local copy of templates/styles/planetfall/tiki.tpl in a text editor and at line 23 "comment out" the phplayers tag. That is, change

{phplayers id=43 type=horiz}


{*phplayers id=43 type=horiz*}

Then upload it to your site's templates/styles/planetfall directory as you did when installing the them. Then Tiki won't try to find/load the menu, and the rest of your page should display normally. Then you can go to the admin menus page (tiki-admin_modules.php) and make a suitable menu for the phplayers (maybe six or seven "section" items so it doesn't go too wide). You don't need to put it in a module or anything, though.

(Or if you have a menu that's good to use for phplayers, just use it by putting its id number in the phplayers tag in tiki.tpl, instead of 43.)

Finally, edit the tiki.tpl file again, taking the asterisks out, and upload it once more, and everything should work OK.

Sorry for the trouble.

-- Gary

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