Custom Less is a new preference introduced in Tiki 15 which replaces the (broken) theme generator available before the move to Bootstrap.

It can be found on the Customisation tab on the Look & Feel Control Panel.

This is an example of a fairly complete theme customisation of Yeti which seems to work just about everywhere in Tiki.

Pastel Minty
@gray-base: #597977; @brand-primary: #9ab6b4; @gray: #9ab6b4; @border-radius-base: 3px; @border-radius-large: 4px; @border-radius-small: 2px; @table-bg-accent: #f0f7f6; @table-bg-hover: #cff3f1; @navbar-default-link-hover-bg: #597977; @navbar-default-link-active-bg: #597977;

You might be able to try it out here using this perspective. Note that the first time it customises a theme it will take a minute or two to recompile the CSS.