Menu styling

The CSS involved

Tiki's default menu - Standard Tiki menu, not using suckerfish (CSS) or PHP Layers - has items something like this:

(folder icon) Wiki
Wiki Home
Last Changes
List Pages

A look at the page source shows that each of the top-level items is text in a span class="menutext" in a link a class="linkmenu" in a div class="option". This strikes me as excessively specified, and probably

.option a,
.option a:visited

would be enough to style the link, without using the link class or the span class. Maybe the use of three classes here will be simplified in the future, so it would be most futureproof to rely on context to identify the selector, as the example above shows.

Modifying the style

To move the text to the right, the div class="option" can be given some left padding, like

.option {padding-left: 20px;}

More coming soon.

Page last modified on Friday 04 of December, 2009 09:21:14 GMT

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