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To implement responsive web design and to clean up and unify Tiki's CSS classes, the Bootstrap CSS framework has been integrated into Tiki.

With this change, producing a theme for a Tiki web site can be as simple as generating a custom bootstrap.css file. Bootstrap theme files for other blog or CMS platforms can work with Tiki more or less, depending on the degree to which they rely on native Bootstrap CSS classes rather than theme-specific HTML. Tiki themes are being updated to be Bootstrap-compatible, and there will be documentation to guide others wanting to update their older themes.

Find a list of the members of "Team Bootstrap" (who are some of the people helping to implement Bootstrap in Tiki):
Bootstrap Team on tiki.org

More about the Bootstrap framework: getbootstrap.com

In these video clips, Gary Cunningham-Lee, a long-time Tiki aficionado, talks about the "bootstrap integration"
whereby Tiki implements responsive web design and so can be viewed and interacted with using devices ranging in size from PCs down to phones and other hand-helds:
{SLIDER(titles="Bootstrap (Six-minute version)|Bootstrap (Two-minute version)|" width="100%" height="auto" resizecontents="n" buildarrows="y" buildnavigation="y" buildstartstop="y" togglearrows="y" togglecontrols="n" enablearrows="y" enablenavigation="y" enablestartstop="y" enablekeyboard="y" autoplay="y" autoplaylocked="n" autoplaydelayed="y" pauseonhover="y" stopatend="n" delay="15000" resumeonvideoend="y" animationtime="1000")}

Gary Cunningham-Lee (6 mins)
About Bootstrap


Gary Cunningham-Lee (2 mins)
About Bootstrap integration


Testing and examples

Currently several Tiki project sites are updated to Tiki 13, which incorporates Bootstrap. Soon this site will be updated to Tiki 14 (using Bootstrap 3.3.4), and the others are to follow, with associated improvements and fixes.

November Montreal-Ottawa TikiFest Bootstrap Blog

Some reporting from the Montreal and Ottawa TikiHouses: TikiFest Blog (mostly summarizing the Big Blue Button sessions).

Useful Tools and Resources

Please access the many Bootstrap-related resources on the web. In general these will be applicable for themes for Tiki.

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