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Customizing CSS menus

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i am theming a vertical css menu - trying to chage the width of the dropshadow under the flyout sections of the menu.

this is hard.

it seems to be an inline style buried in the tiki-user_cssmenu.tpl buried in a smarty variable.

whoa. am i missing something?

How can we dig that out and, generally speaking not have inline styles busting up a theme? is there some admin panel i'm missing?

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Is there a Guide to Tiki CSS? A concept paper? a roadmap, a spreadsheet? Once upon a time I was use to a few dozen lines of css and now... now it's just crazy. Firebug helps, but a mind map might help too.
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Hi CodyG,

Sorry, there isn't really any good documentation on the CSS apart from what you might find at this site. I'll try to write something up fairly soon; it's been on my list for, uh, a while now. In this connection, we want to try to simplify the CSS, hopefully for Tiki 8. This is in part due to the new "theme generator" feature, which would benefit from fewer colors per theme for example (nearly the same colors could be consolidated in some cases, etc.). And I want to reduce the redundancy of things getting specified in multiple CSS files, where possible. Really, some rethinking from the bottom up is needed, which Jonny and I have talked a little about (and probably many people have thought about/hoped for ;-) ).

-- Gary

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