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First questions:

The body seems too wide. Even on my large screen, I end up scrolling to the right.{Is there an option for menus on the right?

No, there's no option for putting modules on the right side. The point was to make the theme a Mediawiki emulation. But scrolling shouldn't be needed even with the present layout. If you have to scroll even when there's no wide object in the main content area to force a scroll, then there's a problem with the theme design that needs to be fixed. Do you always have a horizontal scrollbar when using the Tikipedia theme, or does it appear in certain situations? What browser are you using? Any particular page or page content — i.e., tables, etc.? Please give me as many details as possible, so I can try to fix the problem.

Also, the Wiki Help is open when I go to edit the page. Can it be set to be closed when I enter edit mode?

And can I remove the logo at the upper left? I want to replace it with a random screenshow.

The open wikihelp is a CSS switch, which I apparently missed. I'll take a look and correct it.

Replacing the logo is described in the README-FIRST text file that's included in the theme download, and on the appropriately named Customizing_Tikipedia page. wink If you check these and still have questions, let me know.

(Actually those docs just describe replacing the default logo image with another image. This theme, like the Mediawiki Monobook theme, uses the background image of a div as the logo. So your case won't exactly follow the instructions. You'll have to modify tiki.tpl to use the div for a random image display. Just put your random-image syntax/code/link whatever in the logo div.)

-- Gary

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