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I followed the directions put forth, with regard to creating my own directory in {HOME}/templates/styles and creating my own tiki.tpl in that directory

then creating my own hines57.css in the {HOME}/styles directory.

so I have:

  • {HOME}/templates/styles/hines57/tiki.tpl
  • {HOME}/styles/hines57.css

If I understand the templates correctly, I should be able to edit my tiki.tpl (lets say I just add an HTML Comment ) and then refresh the page in the browser, view source, and see my comment.

Unfortunately the comment doesn't show up! (Nor any other edits that that I might make.)

I know I have the correct template (hines57) selected, because I can see:

link rel="StyleSheet" media="all" href="styles/hines57.css" type="text/css"

Additionally, when I change from hines57 to another style, and back again, it changes the look and feel of my site (hines57 is a copy of simple).

So I'm a bit frustrated. I even went to far as to modify {HOME}/templates/tiki.tpl and could make no affect to my website.

Could someone point me in the right direction here? Do I simply not understand the smarty templates implementation in TikiWiki? Please Advise.

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Are you creating/editing the new files locally and then uploading/copying them to your server? This is the most dependable method. Editing on-site with Tiki's template and stylesheet editing features may not work, depending on the version.

Try making the simplest edit possible to your tiki.tpl, like just a row of XXXXXXXXXs or something at the top of the file, with no html tags. This should show up in the page in your theme. Or make an obvious change in your css file, like text size.

Also try clearing the site cache (at tiki-admin_system.php) and browser cache to make sure the most recent files are being used.

Normally theme file changes can be seen immediately.

-- Gary

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I am Creating/Editing the files in Aptana over FTP - hosted on Mosso.

Modifying hine57.css does yeild results, that is - I can change the font-size from 80% to 20% and see the modificiation(s) via Firebug.

However, modifying \templates\styles\hines57\tiki.tpl doesn't do anything. I tried added a row of XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX's as suggest to no avail.

I attempted removing all of the meta tags from the header ... I still have headers.

It is as though TikiWiki has found my Stylesheet and is using it, but is using some template other than the one I "think" it should be using.

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I thought to myself, "Self - perhaps you are being too aggressive here. Instead of creating your own Theme, just modify someone elses!"

So, I found tikinewt, it is one of the few that actually has it's own tiki.tpl and I:

  • Changed the Theme (via Admin->Features->Look & Feel) to tikinewt.css
  • Then I cleared the TikiWiki Cache(s)
  • Then I cleared the Firefox Cache
  • Then I shutdown Firefox (just to be that way) eek
  • I fired up Aptana and added the row of X's to /templates/styles/tikinewt/tiki.tpl
  • Yep, I saved it! lol
  • Started up Firefox and headed over to my site - noticed the cool new look and feel that tikinewt has now brought me.
  • Sad to see the X's don't exist.

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