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Line Spacing between wysiwyg and wiki display

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I have been wrestling for a couple of days regarding line spacing with the tikinewt.css....

The issue is when a user edits a wiki page using the wysiwyg, when they hit enter between the lines, it has one line space (directly underneath the text at the top).

When they save and view it, it has what appears to be a couple of line spaces.....

Some of the things I have tried is to edit the fckconfig.js file and make enter be br....

What this does then is put a <br /> tag in the wiki text you type instead of a p...

but when you display the text, once again a couple of spaces.....

I think this can be solved through css, but I have tried to do something like the following:

p {
line-height: 1.5em;


br {
line-height: 1.5em;


The p reference above seems to have an effect, meaning in IE7, it likes it to be 1.5 and not 1.0.....

Also, this has to work mainly in IE7 (as this is for an internal staff intranet, which is mainly IE7) and firefox.....

can anyone give me any guidance on this?

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This is the normal behavior for FCKeditor. A return makes a new paragraph. To just get a new line, the key combination shift-return is used, if I remember correctly. (I know — sort of — because the question has come up before. wink. So no special file editing is necessary. For more details, you could check the FCKeditor documentation, which is just a google away (sorry but I don't recall the url offhand).

-- Gary

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Just an update. What worked for me is editing the fckconfig.js file and changing the enter key to be ....the choices I had were ,,....

when i chose , it actually made a which seemed to act like a paragraph....when I changed it to it worked for single space, at least on IE7.

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