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Re: kubrick validation problems

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> I love the kubrick theme. I'm using a modified version on one of my sites. But I'm still unable to clean up all the html errors. There's a few DIVs that are illegally placed within a TABLE element (when they need to be inside a TD).

I had to rework the basic layout of this theme a few weeks ago in order to avoid the problem of the whole top bar, including phplayers menu, displaying in the image gallery popup windows. (Check how other themes that put things at the top of the page like moreneat or any Site Identity-ized Tiki theme or around the page like bluemetal, etc. also tend to fail in this way. The metal themes aren't so bad, because — as long as they don't use a menu at the page-top — there are no links in the window, but I imagine it's still best to avoid all that chrome in a popup.) The way Kubrick is now is the first way I got it to work with a fairly clean popup. I'll tinker some more to get a way that works and is also legal.

> There's also a series of problems in the css: ://jigsaw.w3.org/css-validator/validator?uri=http%3A%2F%2Fthemes.tikiwiki.org%2Fstyles%2Fkubrick.css&usermedium=all

I hadn't checked the validation for quite a while; usually I work through the file and the site first and then go to the validator to catch typos and other errors along with the bigger things. Thanks to your heads-up I did the check again this morning and then fixed a bunch of things. The validator still complains about a whitespace nowrap in the phplayers menu that seems all right to me. And there are a lot of warnings about bgcolor not being set where a color is set, but this seems to be a flaw in the validator because background colors are set but at a higher level in the hierarchy. I imagine anyone who absolutely needs CSS validation can put in the redundant information (along with fixing the Tiki CSS problems that stem from other places than the theme stylesheet wink) .

Anyway, it's getting there. smile

-- Gary

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