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I want to have 3 different themes available for users on my page, so I did add a Module, type "switch_theme" right bar for all users.

It it titled "Style: tikineat.css" and has all themes available.

I'd like to rename it to "Theme Selector" or if you like it more Theme-o-Rama ;)

And I would like to restrict the available themes, especially since users can run into trouble selecting a theme with only a left bar visible, no showing the theme selecter to and no way to go back (besides user prereferences).

Is there any other module availabel or do i have to modify the existing one myself?


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I put the files used at this site for the Theme-o-rama module in the "Etc." file gallery (tiki-list_file_gallery.php?galleryId=12). You can use these as a model if you like. Just change the theme names, file names and so on to suit your site. The php file goes in the /modules directory and the tpl file goes in /templates/modules. After you upload the files, the new module should show up in the list on your Admin Modules page.

-- Gary

Switch Theme


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