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Re: Kubrick - no header bar displayed

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I just installed Kubrick and activted it - but there is no title bar displayed at all (no graphics and no phplayers menu)!
When checking the source code of the page I saw that all div's for the header which are referenced in the css are missing.
I then looked into the template tiki.tpl. There I saw in the first line: missing page for plugin INCLUDE
. But the problem seems to be that this file does not exist (is not contained in the installation download).
Thanks for any help!

Kubrick uses the default header.tpl, which is in the templates/ directory, so this file is available if you installed Kubrick at an already-working Tiki site.

(In Tiki, header.tpl contains the < head > section of the html, plus the include statement for the Site Identity file. It doesn't actually display anything on the visible page itself.)

arrow Be sure "Top Bar" is activated on the Admin Features page (tiki-admin.php?page=features). This turns on the top section of the theme. This is apt to be the reason for BillMac's problem, too. (Sorry for not replying earlier on that.)

Also, for the PHP Layers menus, be sure you have a menu made that doesn't have too many top-level items, so the page doesn't get expanded too wide. Then note the menu id number and edit Kubrick's tiki.tpl file to insert that number at about line 14, replacing 43 (unless 43 is the number you need to use of course). Finally, be sure "PHP Layers dynamic menus" is checked/ticked on the Admin Features page.

Sorry for the trouble.

-- Gary

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