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Re: Re: Tikipedia: modify Menu items, etc. in left hand column

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Also, I'd like to get rid of the "Tiki CMS/Groupware/Date" right under the logo. What can I edit to do that?

Replying to my own post with an urgent request: I tried modifying the file /templates/styles/tikipedia/tiki-top_bar.tpl by commenting out the display of the TikiCMS line. Now when I view the wiki in IE7 all I can see is the logo and the "Logged in as.." and "MyTiki". Nothing else. When I click on MyTiki the left hand bar is now viewable. Back to home page shows nothing. Interestingly everything is OK in Firefox.

I replaced the file with the original but nothing changes. Help!!!


Did you clear the caches? Also try clearing IE7's cache (I assume that's possible; it's easy on other browsers but I haven't tried in IE7 yet). If the original tiki-top_bar.tpl is back in place, the pages should display normally. (Of course it's often a long way between should and do....)

About editing that file, there's no reason why just deleting the TikiCMS line should cause a structural change in the pages — it's just a link. After clearing caches, is there still a problem? If so, if you don't mind giving the URL, that might help with finding the cause of the problem.

-- Gary

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