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Is there any workaround for this problem?
We have national volleyball club and i have to do somehow those kind of menus... it¨s work ok in firefox 1.501 Safari is working, but there is some flaw in mid section it¨s not white that background gray goes left to right in middle of the page top and bottom is in white background???
I check css in jiggsaw and no errors...
I don¨t hava safari my self but i have three pc- different os and browser... I am stuck please helpfrown

I don't have a solution for the phplayers menu problem since I can't reproduce it at my sites and my re-checking of the files didn't turn up anything that appeared to be the cause. In the meantime, your options seem to be to not use a phplayers menu, and instead use an ordinary Tiki menu in the side column. A row of important links (normal HTML) could be put across the top also where the phplayers menu currently is — just put the HTML code in tiki.tpl where the phplayers menu tag is.

A second solution is to not use the Kubrick theme until the problems are solved. Not a good solution, but navigation is more important than appearance.

As for the Safari problem, I can't test it directly but will look into adding redundant background color styles. This may be related to the problem with Konqueror that Luci pointed out. I can't say how soon I can do this so it might be better for you to use another style in the meantime.

-- Gary

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