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Re: Removed "Float text around image" on two articles

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Please see tiki-view_articles.php

You will see that 2 articles have the image topic squished to the text.

In somes themes (ex.: tikineat), .articleimage is defined as below and it looks good.

.articleimage {
margin-right : 20px;

However, in most themes (ex.: smartiki) it is not coming out so nicely

Should I add .articleimage for all themes?

Probably so. (In looking at the page source, I noticed nothing is specified for tikipedia.css's .articleimage, which is why the text is squished in this theme — my mistake, or should I say opportunity for improvement? wink

How come it looks nice when "Float text around image" is checked (when publishing the article)

Hmm. When "Float text..." isn't checked, this is produced:

(img class="articleimage" alt="New Theme" 
border="0" src="topic_image.php?id=2" /)

When it is checked, this is produced:

(img style="margin-right:4px;float:left;" 
alt="New Theme" border="0" src="topic_image.php?id=2" /)

So checking "Floating the image..." adds, apparently via in-line CSS, a 4px right margin for the image.

-- Gary

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