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Re: The Basic Problem

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I just discover somthing...

the extra width that i thought it was because the application menu... was the left column area ... confused

how did it moved to the right side exclaim

lets talk with pictures see the apllication menu when it assinged to the right and notice the extra width that i was talking about :


now im too confused & somtimes the old error message shows up again not always but it did somtimes ("LayersMenu Error: setMenuStructureString: empty string.
Halted.") ...

In the Planetfall theme, the left column is between the center column and the right column. Maybe strange, but this is how the original version (for Mambo/Joomla) is, so it's how I made the Tiki version. Even if you don't have any modules assigned to it, it still takes up some space, as your first image shows.

I think a site using Planetfall should probably have all of its important modules in the right column, and the left column should be turned off for some sections of the site, especially where more width is needed such as wiki pages, galleries, etc.

I'm thinking it might be a good idea to make a Planetfall variant in which the left-column modules are stacked below the right column on the page, so there are always just two columns — center and right-over-left.

I'm not sure why the php layers menu error would show up just part of the time.

-- Gary

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