{* --- IMPORTANT: If you edit this (or any other TPL file) file via the Tiki built-in TPL editor (tiki-edit_templates.php), all the javascript will be stripped. This will cause problems. (Ex.: menus stop collapsing/expanding). You should only modify header.tpl via a text editor through console, or ssh, or FTP edit commands. And only if you know what you are doing ;-) You are most likely wanting to modify the top of your Tiki site. Please consider using Site Identity feature or modifying tiki-top_bar.tpl which you can do safely via the web-based interface. --- *} {if $metatag_keywords ne ''} {/if} {if $metatag_author ne ''} {/if} {if $metatag_description ne ''} {/if} {if $metatag_geoposition ne ''} {/if} {if $metatag_georegion ne ''} {/if} {if $metatag_geoplacename ne ''} {/if} {if $metatag_robots ne ''} {/if} {if $metatag_revisitafter ne ''} {/if} {* --- tikiwiki block --- *} {php} include("lib/tiki-dynamic-js.php"); {/php} {include file="bidi.tpl"}{* this is included for Right-to-left languages *} {strip} {if $trail}{breadcrumbs type="fulltrail" loc="head" crumbs=$trail} {else} {$siteTitle} {if $page ne ''} : {$page|escape} {elseif $headtitle} : {$headtitle} {elseif $arttitle ne ''} : {$arttitle} {elseif $title ne ''} : {$title} {elseif $thread_info.title ne ''} : {$thread_info.title} {elseif $post_info.title ne ''} : {$post_info.title} {elseif $forum_info.name ne ''} : {$forum_info.name} {elseif $categ_info.name ne ''} : {$categ_info.name} {elseif $userinfo.login ne ''} : {$userinfo.login} {/if} {/if} {/strip} {if $transition_style ne '' and $transition_style ne 'none' } {/if} {if $style eq 'zuka.css'} {if $feature_siteidentity eq 'y'} {/if} {/if} {if $favicon}{/if} {* --- jscalendar block --- *} {if $feature_jscalendar eq 'y' and $uses_jscalendar eq 'y'} {if $jscalendar_langfile} {else} {/if} {/if} {* --- phplayers block --- *} {if $feature_phplayers eq 'y'} {/if} {* --- Integrator block --- *} {if strlen($integrator_css_file) > 0} {/if} {* --- Firefox RSS icons --- *} {if $feature_wiki eq 'y' and $rss_wiki eq 'y'} {/if} {if $feature_blogs eq 'y' and $rss_blogs eq 'y'} {/if} {if $feature_articles eq 'y' and $rss_articles eq 'y'} {/if} {if $feature_galleries eq 'y' and $rss_image_galleries eq 'y'} {/if} {if $feature_file_galleries eq 'y' and $rss_file_galleries eq 'y'} {/if} {if $feature_forums eq 'y' and $rss_forums eq 'y'} {/if} {if $feature_maps eq 'y' and $rss_mapfiles eq 'y'} {/if} {if $feature_directory eq 'y' and $rss_directories eq 'y'} {/if} {if $feature_trackers eq 'y' and $rss_tracker eq 'y'} {/if} {* ---- END ---- *} {* extra javascript external files *} {foreach key=extrajs item=fooprio from=$head_extra_js} {/foreach} {$trl} {* --- cbb box borders, and suckerfish dropdowns for IE --- *} {* --- end --- *} {if $minical_reminders>100} {/if} {if $feature_community_mouseover}{popup_init src="lib/overlib.js"}{/if} {if $feature_siteidentity eq 'y'} {* Site identity header section *} {/if} {* Main template for TikiWiki layout *} {if $feature_bidi eq 'y'}
{* topleft corner of body box *}
{* the sides and bottom of body box *}


{if ($errortype eq "404")} {if $likepages} {tr}Perhaps you were looking for:{/tr}
{else} {tr}There are no wiki pages similar to '{$page}'{/tr}

{/if} {if $feature_search eq 'y'} {include file="tiki-searchindex.tpl" searchNoResults="true" searchStyle="menu" searchOrientation="horiz" words="$page"} {/if}
{else} {$msg}

{/if} {if $page and $create eq 'y' and ($tiki_p_admin eq 'y' or $tiki_p_admin_wiki eq 'y' or $tiki_p_edit eq 'y')} {tr}Create this page{/tr} {tr}(page will be orphaned){/tr}

{/if} {tr}Go back{/tr}

{tr}Return to home page{/tr}
{* .cbox-data *}
{* .cbox *}
{* #tiki-center *}
{* .content .marginleft etc. *}
{* .colwrapper *}
{* #col1 *} {if $feature_left_column ne 'n'}
{section name=homeix loop=$left_modules} {$left_modules[homeix].data} {/section}
{if $feature_right_column ne 'n'}
{section name=homeix loop=$right_modules} {$right_modules[homeix].data} {/section}
{/if} {*
{if $feature_bidi eq 'y'}
{/if} {if $tiki_p_admin eq 'y' and $feature_debug_console eq 'y'} {* Include debugging console. Note it should be processed as near as possible to the end of file *} {php} include_once("tiki-debug_console.php"); {/php} {include file="tiki-debug_console.tpl"} {/if} {if $lastup}
{tr}Last update from CVS{/tr}: {$lastup|tiki_long_datetime}