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More wiki pages, news articles up

admin Monday 20 of February, 2006

Structure for theme process

My idea was to use a wiki structure for a sequence of pages about making themes. These pages are being fleshed out with content adapted from tw.o pages. I'm still working on it, because the content doesn't exactly fit my outline, and because it needs to be updated at the same time. Also, I keep re-thinking the structure arrangement, trying to find out what is the easiest to follow. When everything is in place I'll look at it again and see if it seems to make sense to newcomers.

It was also necessary to have an example of a structure here, to see how a structure looks in the various themes. Good thing it got started, too; I'd overlooked a structure-navbox text-bgcolor contrast problem in Planetfall, and so updated its CSS file.

New Themes article topic image

I finally got around to doing a "New Themes" article image, so finally wrote the articles for Kubrick and Planetfall. Now, each new theme will have a news article announcement here.

Tw.o article

With the wiki pages added to and the news articles in place, I submitted a news article at tw.o. It's not on line yet, but I hope when it does, traffic will be increased to this site. It's still too echo-y around here. wink

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