Liquid-width section in page

This page uses the new Plugin Layout. (The plugin normally hides the left column if the leftcolumn="n" parameter is set, which is set here, but for some reason this isn't working, maybe due to an overriding CSS rule at this site, so a CSS rule is set separately as an expedient on this page.)

This is content in a full-width div.

This content in a set of container, row, col (column) and card divs.

This is content entered directly in the wikitext. Check the page source (button below) to see what the wiki syntax looks like.

This content is in a set of container, row, and col (column) divs. For a page that has a constant "container" width for content, along with full-width backgrounds behind some sections, then use container divs for every section of content on the page.

Page last modified on Tuesday 12 of November, 2019 06:09:42 GMT

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