(Cached) Theme Demo

Dark Shine

A design by Jack Qiao (http://www.pureweb.ca/) contributed to openwebdesign and released to the public domain.

The Tiki adaptation of this theme, like all Tiki themes, is built on a Bootstrap foundation (Bootstrap 5.2 as of this writing). The theme uses the standard modules and other Tiki page elements to display content. One difference between this theme and most others is that content in the top module zone is center-aligned so if just the logo module is assigned it will be in the center of the zone. If other modules are assigned, they should be placed before and after the logo module so that it can keep its center position, if the layout of the original design is desired.


The theme is now included in the Tiki package so doesn't need to be downloaded, etc. It can simply be selected on the Look & Feel admin page.

Page last modified on Friday 25 of November, 2022 14:01:49 GMT-0000


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